Facebook: Privacy Issues

# this blog is answering the question: Analyse critically the following statement by Mark Zuckerberg while comparing it to privacy issues raised by online social networking collaborative practices. Talk about privacy. I just had a privacy breach. I just made a Twitter account, and I asked some friends to “follow me on twitter”. And one … Continue reading

Facebook = Privacy (not)!

Talk about privacy. I have written my experience on privacy breach in other post but let me just review it again… “I just found a privacy breach a few days ago. Upon doing this subject, we are encouraged to make a Twitter account to promote our blogs. and I made a Twitter account. After I … Continue reading

a privacy outrage??! oh well…

The Joy Of Tech on Facebook (Credit: Nitrozac and Snaggy) Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13739_3-9854409-46.html#ixzz1Mg3BVj2e While talking about some privacy issues this week, it is logical to say that due to our never-ending internet, our privacy has been breached more and more (of course, how far our privacy has been breached depends on our own definition of … Continue reading