Copyright, Creative Commons, you, and me.

“The copyright bargain: a balance between protection for the artist and rights for the consumer.” Robin Gross (Brainy Quote™, 2011) You may probably know better than me about copyright. Copyright is “all rights reserved”, meaning: the exclusive rights of an author or a creator of his original work, to do practically anything towards it (copy … Continue reading

remixing music: IS an art

image by softdistrict After my post about P2P file sharing, my opinion towards P2P is more towards the negative sides instead of positive sides. But I think it’s mainly because it’s not ‘legal’. It exploits artists in some sense. Then comes another term: remixing culture. What is a remix? In “Remix: The Art and Craft … Continue reading

peer to peer vs itunes

image by Tarleton State University This week’s theme is about the dying music industry and the prosperity of peer to peer sharing, or you may know it as the Napster, Kazaa, Frostwire, Gnutella, and many more softwares. After reading and doing some research on this topic, I have concluded several things that may seem weird, … Continue reading