What is New Media?

Old media vs New media: well-summed… The interactivity between the entertainer and the audience… the interactivity between the audience members… the community… you… and me… yeah, right….

…oh gosh, that sounds sarcastic just now. guess I am a skeptic. ;p.

If you have been reading my posts, I guess it’s evident that I don’t really like the new media… (and now you are wondering why I take Net communication subject, yes?) Well, I just feel like instead of improving their skills and abilities in real lives, people tend to just update their Facebook profile and live as their gravatar.

Literally speaking, I miss the old media. I miss the time when I don’t need to be connected to the internet for 24 hours, checking your mails everyday, wondering if there is an important notice from the Uni etc. I miss those days where there is no pressure to keep up with the news, to know every single headline on the paper. I miss the time when I can live without my iPhone and there is no need to bring a mobile with you 24/7. I miss face-to-face communications instead of ‘writing on your wall’ on Facebook.

Well, I miss the old me.

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