a life in Net Communication

You learn from your mistakes, you learn from your success, and you learn from your studies.

what have I learned in Net Communication subject?

In a sense, Net Communication is a subject that makes you aware of how interconnected this world is – virtually. Through the Net, people from every part of the world are able to share their passion and meet new people. pretty amazing, isn’t it?

I have focused my blog posts on blogging, YouTube, Facebook, CC, remixing and P2P file sharing issues. Now, I’m even more than aware of what the new media is able to achieve in order to connect with the world, and most importantly, what are the impacts on the people.

What lies in the future, then?

Even though analysing the cause and effect of net communication are important, I believe that our reaction towards what’s happening is even more important. through these different portals of net communication, we are exposed to endless choices, thus we need to choose our actions wisely.

on what information to share and not to share.
on trusting certain net and not trusting the others.
on where to promote our ideologies and where to restrict.
on using the media as a reflection of our lives or to make it our lives.

There is a huge difference between your real self and your virtual self. The Net can make your self identity to be blurred, or it may enhance your sense of being.

The choice is in your hands.

As a closing remark, I would like to thank you all of the readers, tutors, lecturers, the new media, and net communication that have expanded my horizon of knowledge.

As Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is the life worthwhile.”

God bless!

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