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#This blog is answering the question: Müller argues that: despite the more diverse forms of participation that video-sharing sites allow in comparison to mass media, “the quality discourse on YouTube works to structure possible acts of audiovisual participation to well-established conventions and standards” (Reader, page 287). NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION BY CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEO. INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN DURING TUTORIAL WEEK 9

I had so much fun doing this assignment, even though I’m not a pro video maker, not even close. but there’s nothing wrong in experimenting!

While people usually comment on the quality of the videos on YouTube (as Muller, 2009 argues throughout his paper, reference below), I have decided to take a look from another point of view: reminding people that although the quality of the video matters, what is more important is the message. Of course, my opinion is highly biased and it does not cover all the things that I would like to cover regarding this matter. But I hope you are able to get my point: that the medium is important, but not as important as the message.

I attached the script that I made for this video as well. Happy watching!

alternatively, watch video here

“The medium is the message.”
Marshall McLuhan
…Or is it?

I love writing. I love writing down my thoughts, translating them into a piece of art that penetrates someone’s heart and soul. But words are only words. They are not always perfect. And there are always dozen other ways to express my thoughts. But the message is always the same. It’s just a matter of which way is better to express the thoughts.

I guess… the same goes with video. In this imperfect world, not everyone can be the professional. There will always be the ones who are the amateurs. That’s just how homeostasis works.

But does that mean, you need to be the pro to broadcast yourself?

The world changes. The standard changes. We change. You, me, everybody. We all are able to post our creations, and share it to the world. Not 10 years later, not even 5. Now.

Why suddenly the world is so complicated?
When actually it begins?
Since when do people start to condemn the medium, and not the message?
Why do people sing, people blog, people write, people shoot videos?
Isn’t it just merely a reflection of their passion, a mirror of their sense of self?
Do we care on the medium, or do we care about the message?

Why can’t a medium, be just a medium?
Why the medium, becomes the message?
Isn’t a high quality message, is better than low quality message packaged in high quality medium?
Of course in a perfect world, people demand high quality message with an equal medium.
But it’s just not always the case.

In the world that I live in,
What matters are
The number of the comments.
The number of the viewers.
The interactivity.
The quantity of the interactivity.
The other people.
The medium.

The medium is not the message.
The medium is merely a tool to deliver the message.
Some people can express themselves clearly
Some people can’t.
It’s okay.
Some people judge a book by its cover.
It’s just humans.
We are used to have everything in high standard.
But it does not necessarily of high quality content.
And in the end it comes down to it.


Müller, Eggo. (2009). ‘Where Quality Matters: Discourses on the Art of Making a YouTube Video’, in Snickars, Pelle and Vonderau, Patrick (ed.), The YouTube Reader, Stockholm: National Library of Sweden: 126-139

3 Responses to “The Message”
  1. Wow, you’ve put so much effort into this! Even though you’re not a pro, it looks really proffessional 🙂
    I love your idea – why do people focus too much on the medium rather than the message?

  2. mpurnama23 says:

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂 appreciate it :).

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