CC revealed.

# This blog is answering the question: Following week 10 tutorial’s exercise, explain why you chose the Creative Commons license that you added to your blog and discuss the relevance (or not) of adding the license.

“… to maintain the rights of creators and scientists using Creative Commons licenses, to stipulate limits to modifications of their original work…” (Garcelon 2009: 1315).

Consider two major view points below:

Who would not want his work to be referenced properly, to be acknowledged, and to be famous on the merit of his own work? I bet everybody wants. The YouTubers who release new songs want to be acknowledged. In amateur videos posted you will see “made by…”, and all photographers will put their initial somewhere on their photos. Why? Because creators want to leave marks in their creations, and they want to be known for their work.

Consumer, on the other hand, wants to make derivatives of these works and get creative. Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT necessarily a bad thing. But now it proposes the notion of integrity. Well, whether you like it or not, the fact is not all people are aware of this integrity, and not all people understand the notion of sharing legally in this imperfect world. For me, consumers cross the line when he exploits an original work, alters its values, and makes profit out of it. This is why we have the term ‘paraphrasing’ in the first place, where one needs to understand the arguments of the work done before – we refer to the values of the original work.

However, I am not going to put a CC license to my blog.

Speaking from an author’s point of view, even though this blog is of my own original ideas and writing, I don’t really bother to put a CC license. I feel that these postings are merely reflection of my thoughts and they are not necessarily ‘an original idea’ or work. This blog is something that I would like to share, to express my opinions. There are some things worth to be shared that do not need license, some things that would need semi-license, and other things that need full-license. For me, giving a copyright, a CC, or any rights to my work depends on the values of my work. Does it deserve to be protected? Does it have values? 

And if I make something bizarre, for example a song or video or writing that is of high quality, I will protect it wholeheartedly with a copyright. For me, it entirely depends on each individual and how they grade their work’s values.

And quite frankly, I do not see CC as “maintain[ing] the rights of creators”, nor to “stipulate limits of to modifications of their original work.” CC is giving ‘some rights reserved‘. CC is allowing ‘modification of  original work‘, although limited. But if it’s being modified, no matter how little or big, it has already altered the original value, so why bother? Going past the stage of giving credits to the authors, there will still be some modifications of the values of the original work. I don’t like that idea. Even with the notion of remixing music and mash-ups, the songs have lost their meanings and they are enjoyed for the sake of ‘music’ per se, not lyrics and values.

In conclusion, I would like to say:

“Some information needs to be shared, and for some, we can make derivatives out of it. But there are also others whose values need to be retained. And for those, there are no exceptions.”


Brainy Quote™, (2011) ‘Copyright Quote’, consulted 16 May 2011,

Garcelon, M., (2009), ‘An Information Commons? Creative Commons and Public Access to Cultural Creations’ in New Media & Society 11(8): 1307-1326

2 Responses to “CC revealed.”
  1. pertamax413 says:

    very thoughtful and recently I just made my own rhyming-lyric poem and thought bout posting it to tumblr. in the end I didnt post it cuz my work is vulnerable and anyone can claim it as theirs… still need to learn more about copyright thingy

  2. mpurnama23 says:

    lol yeah,,, true ture. I think in a sense you want to protect your work, but we are still uneducated on these things. 🙂 glad that you are thinking the same as me! 🙂

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