a life in Net Communication

You learn from your mistakes, you learn from your success, and you learn from your studies. what have I learned in Net Communication subject? In a sense, Net Communication is a subject that makes you aware of how interconnected this world is – virtually. Through the Net, people from every part of the world are … Continue reading

The Message

#This blog is answering the question: Müller argues that: despite the more diverse forms of participation that video-sharing sites allow in comparison to mass media, “the quality discourse on YouTube works to structure possible acts of audiovisual participation to well-established conventions and standards” (Reader, page 287). NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ANSWER THIS … Continue reading

mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

#This blog is answering the question: Lovink (Reader, page 222) also argues that: “No matter how much talk there is of community and mobs, the fact remains that blogs are primarily used as a tool to manage the self”. Discuss this argument, giving an example of a blog. Specify chosen argument in your answer. “Blogging … Continue reading