Blog revisited

Last week in tutorial once again we were discussing about blogging and we were asked to come out with one word that defines WordPress. It is really interesting to see how the students come out with different ideas.

My group settles down with the word: “Decentralisation“. The way we argue this is that WordPress shifts the focus towards the niche market, and as a result individualism is supported as well (e.g. a person can tell anything on his or her blog, recount his or her personal experiences, and blah). Thus, this causes the ‘power‘ not to be held by one party (e.g. government), but each person has an equal right to speak for themselves and promote their own creativity (once again, promotes Habermas’ public sphere).


Wikipedia defines it as “the process of dispersing decision-making governance closer to the people and/or citizens. It includes the dispersal of administration or governance in sectors or areas like engineering, management science, political science, political economy, sociology and economics.”

In other words, “you and me matter”. It’s like saying that everyone is different and has his or her own place in the world. Although not all these people are professionals, they may project their ideas out of their amateurism. People are able to make a blog as a diary to write down their days, or even as a reflection of their passion (beauty blog, music blog, news blog, etc).

Other groups have presented different words, and I think it’s interesting how people think of WordPress (or blog) as a different concept altogether. Nonetheless, blogging is a big word nowadays. So welcome to the 21st century!

alternatively, watch video here

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