WordPress: for the love of blogging

“What is WordPress?”

Millions of people use WordPress to keep journals, to promote their business, to interact with people, to produce news, but many still do not know what exactly WordPress is.

It is not just another website.

alternatively, watch video here

After watching the video and having some sense of what is WordPress, now we will take a step further and hear what the founder of the WordPress brings to the table.

alternatively, watch video here

Matt Mullenweg says that,

“From the beginning I envisioned a structure where for-profit, non-profit, and not-just-for-profit could coexist and balance each other out. It’s important for me to know that WordPress will be protected and that the brand will continue to be a beacon of open source freedom.”

With such idealisation, to be honest, I’m really amazed on that statement. WordPress reminds me of the theory of public sphere by Habermas, on which he envisioned a community where ‘freedom’ is promoted, giving all people equal chance to express their opinions. In a perfect, ideal world, public sphere will exist. But, it is not possible to have 100% of public sphere today. However, Mullenweg makes this concept into reality, as WordPress has the focus to be “a beacon of open source freedom”.

With WordPress as a medium, it creates endless opportunities for your talents to flourish. I have another blog, on which I pour my thoughts and feelings to. And it seems like not only the professionals in the media (journalists, etc) can be a writer. Everyone can be a writer, even the amateurs. The same thing happens in Youtube (with music and video).

So, what’s the impact, then?

Clearly, the growth of WordPress is significantly rising. The number of bloggers increase everyday, with millions of posts getting published. Thus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to filter all the information presented.

In this era people are forced to choose the sources widely: to be more competitive than ever. We are taught to be the best, to get more tweets, more blog views, more comments, more famous, more everything.

It is definitely a good thing, in some sense. But.


The rising generation (Gen Z) will live in a culture where competition is everything and being plugged in into the world (read: internet) is very important for their lives.

The kids nowadays are exposed with the internet and technology at a very young age… Well, personally, I think it’s kinda ironic. No more bedtime stories, it’s TV watching time. No more eating dinner with family on a round table, we eat dinner in front of our laptops while browsing YouTube.

However, still looking on the bright side, it creates opportunity. It creates freedom. It opens the window for creativity.

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