Facebook = Privacy (not)!

Talk about privacy.

I have written my experience on privacy breach in other post but let me just review it again…

“I just found a privacy breach a few days ago. Upon doing this subject, we are encouraged to make a Twitter account to promote our blogs. and I made a Twitter account. After I made my account, I asked some friends to “follow me on twitter” kind of stuff. and….. one of them mentioned that there’s another Twitter account using my name and photo! Was shocked. LOL The photo is one of my FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE, and that twitter account even has the link to my other personal blog. pretty weird. I was like.. errrrr… I NEVER make a twitter account before. so.. you get the picture…

The freakiest part is that my account on facebook is on PRIVATE, only my friends can get the full access towards my account. So who’s the culprit who uses my photo and name to make a twitter account? Well, it will remain a mystery…

So take that as a privacy breach.”

One of the key feature of Facebook is the notion of sharing and uploading photos. But even though Facebook creates the ideation that we have the rights and authority upon our own photos, actually, we DO NOT own the photos anymore. It becomes the property of the internet, in some sense.

Well, I guess, Facebook makes us connected to each other, but you are still in charge of protecting your own privacy. Privacy is a strong word, and it includes our self identity and how we see ourselves, not how we want others to see us. If you take privacy seriously, you will filter what information you are going to put before posting them.

Privacy is a grave, dangerous issue. People may violate your rights and even hack into your account as soon as you are giving private information.

Take a look at these facts on Mark Zuckerberg (see picture below). He says that, “The thing that I really care about is making the world more open and connected.” But sometimes, as a site that promotes openness, Facebook may already cross the line. Even crimes happen because of Facebook (I’ve read the news that teenage girls are seduced by some random guys in Facebook and ended up being kidnapped). It’s kinda our own faults in some sense, BUT, teenagers have not fully understood the danger of opening up to people. They are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions. So here, who’s to blame? The parents? The guys who misuse Facebook? The Facebook site itself?

Well, it’s complicated.

What Facebook founder says about privacy??

Some rights reserved by graycious17, find link here

# For further notes on privacy, please check this link. it provides the top 10 settings every Facebook user needs to know in regards of privacy.

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