Blog revisited

Last week in tutorial once again we were discussing about blogging and we were asked to come out with one word that defines WordPress. It is really interesting to see how the students come out with different ideas. My group settles down with the word: “Decentralisation“. The way we argue this is that WordPress shifts … Continue reading

WordPress: for the love of blogging

“What is WordPress?” Millions of people use WordPress to keep journals, to promote their business, to interact with people, to produce news, but many still do not know what exactly WordPress is. It is not just another website. alternatively, watch video here After watching the video and having some sense of what is WordPress, now … Continue reading

Facebook = Privacy (not)!

Talk about privacy. I have written my experience on privacy breach in other post but let me just review it again… “I just found a privacy breach a few days ago. Upon doing this subject, we are encouraged to make a Twitter account to promote our blogs. and I made a Twitter account. After I … Continue reading