a privacy outrage??! oh well…

Facebook: breaching privacy?

The Joy Of Tech on Facebook

(Credit: Nitrozac and Snaggy)

While talking about some privacy issues this week, it is logical to say that due to our never-ending internet, our privacy has been breached more and more (of course, how far our privacy has been breached depends on our own definition of privacy). Nevertheless, privacy breach is a real issue, and sadly, not all people are aware of it.

Even though Facebook, as a social network, promotes better communication and relationship towards other people, it also facilitates the breaching of privacy in this 21st century. Just like the ‘comic’ above, although it may be a “privacy outrage”, people still want to comply.

So guys, check the facebook founder comment on privacy issues associated with facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Comment on Sharing (start at 0:26 – stop at 0:39)

alternatively, watch video here

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