remixing music: IS an art

remixing music

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After my post about P2P file sharing, my opinion towards P2P is more towards the negative sides instead of positive sides. But I think it’s mainly because it’s not ‘legal’. It exploits artists in some sense. Then comes another term: remixing culture.

What is a remix? In “Remix: The Art and Craft of Endless Hybridization”, Knobel and Lankshear (2008) define remix as “to take cultural artifacts and combine and manipulate them into new kinds of creative blends.” In other words, it is a creative piece of art.

Generally, there are two views of remix, according to Gunkel (2008)

  1. It is the creative re-combinations of recorded music, which is seen as innovative and it is embedded in our culture. Or…
  2. It is the stealing of intellectual properties of others and re-joining them; in sum: it is illegal.

Putting it simply, if I classify P2P as “plagiarism”, I believe that remix is more towards “paraphrasing”; where one can get creative but still giving the credits towards the original authors. Remixing culture is something that is always there in our culture, for example we read the news and somehow we talk and make derivatives about it. It has been argued that everything that we do in real life is in a sense a ‘remix’, because we always take certain information and mix it with other information, and make something new.

Furthermore, Knobel and Lankshear (2008) also argue that remix is an ‘endless hybridization’, in which they clearly convey that there will be no end for remixing. They tend to side towards the ‘art’ of remix, which highlights the creativity of the produser.

In this blog I will give an example of a very well-known feature in remix society: Norwegian Recycling. He has done mash-ups and remixing with different songs and experiment with them. I’d like to say, that his remix pieces have blown my mind. He compiles 8-9 songs into one, and it actually works.

Here are some of the remix songs that he has done, enjoy!

alternatively, watch video here

alternatively, watch video here

alternatively, watch video here


Gunkel, D. J. (2008) ‘Rethinking the Digital Remix: Mash-ups and the Metaphysics of Sound Recording’, Popular Music and Society, 31 (4): 489-510.

Knobel, M. & Lankshear, C. (2008) ‘Remix: The Art and Craft of Endless Hybridization’, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 52 (1): 22-33.

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